We are an exciting new company which brings innovative new products to the North American market. Our mission is to be the driving force behind innovation.  Our first path to innovation is a product called the  iREV; a new recreational vessel which functions as a unique revenue source for our potential purchasers.  The iREV is a 360 degree floating vessel, seating up to ten (10) people with customizable options ranging from a low smoke grill to interactive media panels.  The iREV can be enjoyed by people from various demographics in various environmental settings.  Further, the iREV is a versatile consumer and enterprise product that can be used 365 days a year on water or land. The product has already succeeded in the European and international markets with sales exceeding 300+ units since its launch in 2007.  Motothority has formed a strategic alliance with, Artthink GmbH, the iREV's award winning developers and has secured the exclusive patent rights for the iREV and its successors.  Motothority will be the sole manufacturer and distributor in the Western Hemisphere.

In keeping with our company mission of being the driving force behind innovation, Motothority has been in negotiations with Fortune 100 companies who are the lead innovators in their respective industries. Discussions and research have begun on innovative marketing campaigns to showcase and integrate their products/services. These companies include but not limited to LG, Google, Microsoft and Heineken USA. The iREV has gained the attention of major network television stations across the globe such as Fox Media, Discovery Channel, Popular Science and Pro-7. All of which have broadcast the iREV in primetime network slots and have agreed to broadcast in future primetime shows on a national level.   Our target consumers are travel and leisure destinations, enterprise owners, special event companies and innovative leaders seeking a unique medium to integrate products and peripherals. The Motothority Group will debut the iREV with 5 distinct paths to leisure all offering a high net revenue stream with little rules or boundaries and unbridled freedom in leisure & corporate entertainment.