The iREV can seat up to 10 people (Adults).
The table has settings for 10 people and includes beverage & utensil holders for each person. 6 storage drawers (50 liters each) are located under the seats.

Gross weight: 550kg (1200 lbs.) Maximum load

capacity: 1200kg. (2645 lbs.) Diameter: 349.50cm (11.5 feet)

Height: 265cm. (8' 6")

Propulsion: Outboard 24V AC electric motor or a maximum of 25HP gasoline outboard motor.

Construction is non-toxic 8mm polyethylene with UV coating. The low smoke charcoal grill is supplied by Outdoor Chef. Patented technology allows smoke from the grill to be diffused internally making the grill virtually smokeless.  The umbrella shade is manually retracted and foldable within seconds during high wind conditions or storage. For long term storage a tonneau cover is included. A variety of custom colors are available. Optional Accessories: beverage bucket, flat table top, or lying mattress, marine speaker system with MP3 & satellite radio connections