Motothority is the driving force behind innovation. Our mission is to be recognized in our markets as the innovation leader, as bringing growth and excitement to the marketplace and as a strong, talented team of people with exceptional passion.

Our vision is to own the action sport & outdoor adventure sector with innovation and passion. We will transform leisure, recreational, and entertainment activities, both personal and business alike. Motothority will strive to be the leading provider of innovative, top-quality recreation products & facilities that make it easy for people to have fun indoors and outdoors in various weather conditions and environmental settings. We will take heart in the company founder’s innovative spirit and zest for life.

Brian Beswick's entrepreneurial spirit started 14 years ago as co-founder of Royal Consulting Group, Inc., a prominent insurance brokerage firm with headquarters in New York. His experience is not only in risk management and overseeing a company, but in developing innovative business practices to promote and deliver high quality service to customers has been a key in his company’s success. Brian has an international perspective, proficiency in local market and country-specific segmentation and an acute understanding of the global marketplace. His broad acumen in best business practices, geopolitical conditions, economic factors, social/cultural practices, industry trends, competitive presence, regulatory affairs and their impact on growth, profitability, and success will help lead Motothority to the forefront of the marketplace. Further, Brian has worked to reduce costs and maximize profitability through successful account and customer relationship management approaches, as well as the introduction of strategic, productivity-enhancing initiatives. Brian has developed successful sales leadership in competitive startup and complex global expansion situations. He has consistently earned top ranks in sales performance in every position by bringing revenues, profits and market share to new heights. Regarding product driven sales, Brian engaged in hands-on development of high-end racing components for both Honda and Toyota sponsored race teams, domestically and internationally. He was recruited specifically as a brand ambassador. This involved research and development from a conceptual level to production, as well as facilitating an international product launch. This idea was transformed into a successful sought after product for competitive motorsport teams. Brian is a highly-ranked motor sports athlete who has participated in over 700 professionally sanctioned road racing events worldwide and since 2004 has 37 top 3 finishes. As a founder of a race team, Brian has managed logistics, branding, sponsorship attainment and activation, budget forecasting and well as tactical strategies.

Max Sivin began his career as a practicing attorney gaining valuable experience focusing primarily on complex commercial litigation, which required him to appear in court and lead settlement negotiations on a daily basis. In 2006, Max switched careers and entered the legal recruiting and attorney placement field, where his oral argument, presentation and interpersonal skills have allowed him to be a successful placement consultant in all types of markets. Legal recruiters are required quickly to become experts in dealing with various clients and individuals. The most important tool in the industry is the ability to sell top credentialed individuals in the business and legal worlds, on the various opportunities in the marketplace in a way that is extremely focused and tailored to the individual. This experience is easily transferable to product sales and Max’s background in all areas related to sales issues, when combined with his legal background and acumen, make him a strong and versatile asset for our company. As a salesman, Max has been the highest grossing specialist in each of the years he has been working in the field. He has led teams of individuals as well as trained numerous people as a manager and senior recruiter of his various recruiting companies.